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RT @EntMagazine: Listen to the advice that resonates with you. Ignore the rest http://t.co/wSmhCX3CL2 by @GrantSDavis


ThatGuyLam blog now edited for length

The handful of you who follow my blogging exploits here probably got some message from me about moving the blog to my business site, ThatGuyWriting.com … I’ve now decided that I’ll keep this blog up. However, you may’ve noticed about 125 posts disappear. My web geek friends tell me I might get computer-penalized if I leave everything up in two places, so please consider ThatGuyWriting.com/blog the authoritative place for my blogging, such as it is.
Keeping the little pointers to the main content is still really easy for me, though, so following here will still get you your Lam blog fix, just a few minutes later.
Hope my sentimental non-kill solution this makes sense.
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So now what do we have to say for ourselves?…

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